Pottery in Navarrete

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Navarrete is famous for its heritage of pottery making. The village has many small cottage industries in operation that specialise in terracotta pot throwing and also hosts the nationally important Pottery and Ceramics Festival, NACE, which this year will be exhibiting works by Picasso!!

Pottery has been an important factor of the culture in the Ebro basin and a continual line of industry related to pottery in Navarrete can be traced back to at least the 16th century. Many of Rioja’s pottery centres, such as Haro, Logroño Cameros have lost their pottery heritage but it is still kept alive in Navarrete by families such as the Naharros, Torrados and Fajardos.

Come to Navarrete and take a tour around some of these uniquely authentic pottery workshops where years of tradition is palpable in the air. As well as traditional pottery there is also contemporary artisans pushing the traditions forwards to new levels, incorporating techniques such as Raku. Should you wish to take a tour around the workshops, learn a new skill or just spend a fun afternoon at the wheel then drop us a line and let us organise an immersive experience for you and friends.

Experience a pottery course or learn to throw a pot whilst you stop at the Posada Ignatius
"Inspiration exists but it has to find you working" Pablo Picasso


  • Pottery Tours Take a tour around some of Navarette´s unique pottry workshops As for prices
  • Learn to throw a pot A fun weekend activity for 2 or more people with food and accomodation included Ask for prices